2015-16 Elizabethton Boys’ Basketball Schedule


Nov. 20, 2015Johnson County, Tri-Cities ChristianHOC at Johnson CountyTBA
Nov. 21, 2015at Jefferson Co. High School5:00 PM
Nov. 27, 2015Hardin Valley Academy (N)Double Header @ Sullivan South6:00 PM
Nov. 28, 2015Gibbs High School (N)Double Header @ Sullivan South2:00 PM
Nov. 30, 2015at Sullivan North High School *3:30 PM
Dec. 4, 2015Johnson Co. High School *8:00 PM
Dec. 8, 2015at Daniel Boone High School8:00 PM
Dec. 11, 2015Webb School of Knoxville (N)Round Ball in the Palace5:30 PM
Dec. 12, 2015Christian Academy of Knoxville(N)Round Ball in the Palace4:00 PM
Dec. 18, 2015at Morristown West7:30 PM
Dec. 28-30Christmas Tournament at EHSChick-Fil-A Classic
Jan. 5, 2016at Sullivan South High School *8:00 PM
Jan. 8, 2016Sullivan East High School6:30 PM
Jan. 9, 2016Daniel Boone High School6:30 PM
Jan. 12, 2016at Unicoi Co. High School *8:00 PM
Jan. 15, 2016at Happy Valley High School *8:00 PM
Jan. 19, 2016at Science Hill High School8:00 PM
Jan. 22, 2016at Johnson Co. High School *8:00 PM
Jan. 25, 2016Morristown West7:30 PM
Jan. 26, 2016Sullivan North High School *3:30 PM
Jan. 29, 2016Sullivan South High School *8:00 PM
Feb. 2, 2016at Sullivan East High School *6:30 PM
Feb. 5, 2016Unicoi Co. High School *8:00 PM
Feb. 9, 2016Happy Valley High School *8:00 PM
Feb. 12, 2016Science Hill High School8:00 PM