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Let’s get started and welcome you to our family And the new era of Carter County Sports.

Changing the Status Quo

When we started CarterCountySports.com in May 2014, we didn’t know what to expect. The growth has been one fun ride. Now, I can see how we make it look easy. The games, the stories, the pictures…everything we have done in our first four years to promote the kids of our county.

However, we aren’t satisfied yet. Is dynasty an appropriate word for a news organization? For Carter County Sports, it is just the beginning of our vision. We want to be a tribute to the blood, sweat, tears and triumphs along with the hard work the athletes of Carter County have put in over their four years and beyond. It’s not just a game to Carter County Sports. It is a new era. Are you ready?

Carter County Sports. By the Numbers

Carter County Sports Visitors Since 2015

All-Time Impressions (and counting)

Social Media Following (and counting)

People Reached on Facebook in the last month

Sessions in the last 12 months

Cups Of Sweet Tea (or what it feels like)

It’s Our Problem-Free Philosophy

Yes, we borrow a line from one of our favorite Disney songs when we talk about our business philosophy. I know you are thinking we are out of our mind (haven’t we proved that before), but hear us out first and hang around for a couple more paragraphs. So, why exactly is Hakuna Matata our philosophy? Because we want to provide the best sports coverage for our athletes without the stress, worries and headaches that out media outlets have. Deadlines? Who needs them. With our exclusive online outlet, we can post the latest news 24/7 meaning we can be sure we get the story right and accurate. It also allows us to do photo galleries, videos and other features that help us deliver the best coverage around.

Or simply put, Hakuna Matata.

What Makes Us Standout

Stories and photos are part of our appeal. However, we make a point to reach out even further with our social media.

Our Outreach

Our outreach goes well beyond the visitors to the website as our social media platforms have an interactive audience looking for the latest information on all five high schools and local colleges. On a daily basis, Carter County Sports social media outperforms numbers of other local outlets with the reach far exceeding even our own follower number.

  • Facebook – 3,765
  • Twitter – 1,945
  • Instagram – 1,191
“I would be glad to help Carter County Sports any way I can because you are all about the kids”

Quote from a local coach at the end of the 2017-18 season.

Why we are different

Carter County Sports isn’t your typical form of media – we hope the information above proves that. The question in your mind – I can almost hear the gears turning in your head – is how can Carter County Sports help my business?

Simply, we work like a family. We want to be sure that working with Carter County Sports is a no-brainer. From the impressions and clicks to social media attention, we are going to work to be sure that a partnership with Carter County Sports works for you.

With all of our different options, there is a partnership for you. Ready to get started? Let us know!

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