Another effect of the CCRS debate

Carter County Sports

We hate when sports mixes with politics. It is by far one of our biggest pet peeves, but sometimes there are times when it is appropriate.

Right now is one of those times in Carter County.

In case you haven’t heard on local news media, the Carter County Rescue Squad voted to shut down the Hampton and Roan Mountain substations, adding crucial time to response times in those communities.

While the obvious effect on the communities is apparent – and frankly should be enough to warrant some reconsideration by decision makers – our student-athletes would also be affected.

Every Friday night football game will feature at least one rescue squad on site during the game. The same, however, cannot be said for other sports including basketball, baseball, softball and all middle school and youth club athletic events.

We all pray that injuries won’t happen; however, they are part of sports. Sometimes, the injuries are serious and need medical treatment immediately.

There is an extra emphasis in today’s athletic world on safety, which is where it should be; it doesn’t make sense our county is willing to jeopardize young lives to save any dollar amount.

Unfortunately, every member of our staff has covered a game or two where paramedics had to be called due to injuries. Thankfully, those injures proved to be non-life threatening, but it is unfathomable to willingly add to the response time when every second counts.

The Carter County Rescue Squad has delayed the substation closures from Friday, July 31 to after Tuesday, Aug. 4, to see if the Carter County Commission approves additional funding. While the best way to get your voice heard would be to attend the 9 a.m. commission meeting on Tuesday, you can also call your commissioner to voice your thoughts.

The student-athletes, from high school to youth club, give their all on the field and court at every practice, scrimmage, workout and games. Shouldn’t we as a community give them our all in case they get injured?

-The Staff of Carter County Sports

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