Cloudland, Hampton shine in CC jamboree

Carter County Sports

Hampton’s J.C. Campbell Stadium was alive with football on Friday night with the Carter County Jamboree. Avery County, Cloudland, Hampton and Unaka played two quarters of action to wrap up preseason work.

Quarter 1: Cloudland 12, Unaka 0 (Varsity)
The ‘Landers used two touchdowns from Colby Birchfield and interceptions from Zac Benfield and Birchfield to take a 12-0 quarter win over the Rangers. Micah Hunt busted off a big run for Unaka, but the Rangers were unable to strike on their offensive possessions.

Quarter 2: Avery County 6, Cloudland 0 (Junior Varisty)
Quarter 3: Hampton 6, Avery County 6
It was the tale of long drives and limited opportunities as the Bulldogs played Avery to a 6-6 tie. Hampton opened the quarter as Adam McClain finished a 70-yard drive with a three-yard touchdown. Avery battled back with a 70-yard drive to tie the action up at 6-6. The Bulldogs advanced to midfield on their final drive, but was unable to break the tie before time expired.

Quarter 4: Hampton 12, Unaka 0
McClain added two more touchdowns in the final five minutes as Hampton took a 12-0 victory over the Rangers. After Unaka forced Hampton off the field on fourth down, Hampton responded with a stop of their own. McClain broke free for a 12-yard touchdown. Unaka saw a drive stall out at midfield, and Hampton wasted no time getting back on the board with a 42-yard McClain touchdown.

Skill Competitions
Fastest Back: Micah Hunt, Unaka
Fastest Lineman: Bailey Johnson, Hampton
Longest Pass: Austin Whitehead, Cloudland
Longest Punt: Dylan Markland, Cloudland
Longest Kick: Tre Jackson, Avery


“Last year, we got someone injured every time we walked out here. I believe we are a little bigger and stronger to where we don’t get hurt quite as easily.”
-Hampton Head Coach Mike Lunsford on staying healthy during the jamboree

“I know what those two are going to do. I don’t have to worry about them. They are going to take the mail. They are good ball players and do what they have to do.”
-Lunsford on McClain and Jerry Lunsford performance at running back.

“When I go back and watch the film, I may see some things we may change personal wise. You know I think we played at little bit harder against Hampton then we did Cloudland. I think our kids once they get ready they are ready to play. They have to understand they have to play hard every play because we don’t have a lot of subs. That is the way we have to do it.”
-Unaka Head Coach Steve “Pink” McKinney on what he can take from the jamboree

“I was pretty pleased with how things went in the jamboree. We made a lot of mistakes and again we have a lot of young kids that I see will get better every day. It is good for them.”
-McKinney’s thoughts on what to work on

“I think this dress rehearsal is good. It gets us a little game experience even though we only play a quarter. You play more down and distance situation and it is more about game situation. I think it helps greatly, and that is the reason we do this.”
-Avery Head Coach Darrell Brewer on benefits of participating in the jamboree

“It was a nice dress rehearsal, but it was good to hit someone else. We are going to watch the film and make corrections because we are always going to make mistakes and we want to get better.”
-Cloudland Head Coach Brock Pittman on how things went on Friday night.

“Just to get live reps against somebody else and get better. And to get a film to look at so we can watch ourselves and improve.”
-Pittman on the benefits of the jamboree



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