East Tennessee All-Regional Baseball/Softball Awards



It is time to hand out some honors as we announce the inaugural Carter County Sports’ East Tennessee All-Regional Baseball and Softball Awards for the 2014 season. Each sport is divided into Class A and Class AA. To be selected, players from schools in Region 1 were considered by an expert panel. Players could be placed on the team in positions outside of their natural position on the field. Accolades were also handed out for Player of the Year, Hitter of the Year and Coach of the Year in addition to honorable mentions.

In our opening year, Carter County was well represented with a total of 19 players selected, and every school in the county had multiple athletes named to the All-Star roster.  Congratulations to those selected!


1-AA Baseball

Player of the Year: Russell Koesters (Sullivan South)
Honorable Mention: BJ Murray (Sullivan East)
Hitter of the Year: Zack Finchum (Greeneville)
Honorable Mention:  Ethan Rice (Unicoi)
Coach of the Year: Charlie Baxter (Unicoi)
Honorable Mention: Anthony Richardson (Sullivan South)

Russell Koesters (Sullivan South)
BJ Murray (Sullivan East)
Brandon Garland (Unicoi)
Zack Finchum (Greeneville)
Closer- Austin Green (Unicoi)

C: Hunter Hodges (Elizabethton)
1B: Dalton Light (Sullivan South)
2B: Connor Brown (Elizabethton)
SS: Ethan Rice (Unicoi)
3B: Hunter Burnett (Unicoi)
OF: Joe Arnold (Happy Valley)
OF: Will Hubbard (Unicoi)
OF: Caleb Armstrong (Elizabethton)

Subs: Justin Morefield (Happy Valley), Chase Fields (Sullivan South), Ryan Lingerfelt (Unicoi)

1-AA Softball

Player of the Year: Jordan Fortel (Greeneville)
Honorable Mention: Tiffany Laughren (Unicoi)
Hitter of the Year: Nadalynn Sauceman (Greeneville)
Honorable Mention: Lindsey Cunningham (Elizabethton)
Coach of the Year: Bob Fortel (Greeneville)
Honorable Mention: Mike Dorsey (Happy Valley)

P: Jordan Fortel (Greeneville)
C: Caley Hodge (Elizabethton)
1B: Tiffany Laughren (Unicoi)
2B: Grayson Goddard (Unicoi)
SS: Nadalynn Sauceman (Greeneville)
3B: Madison Weaver (Elizabethton)
OF: Selena Leon (Greeneville)
OF: Kaylee Nicholson (Unicoi)
OF: Lindsey Cunningham (Elizabethton)

Flex: Jayme Jennings (Johnson County), Courtney Leonard (Sullivan East), Cindi Edington (Johnson County), Kalee Johnson (Happy Valley), Brooke Strother (Unicoi) and Brooke Simmons (Happy Valley)


1-A Baseball

Player of the Year: Tyler Bailey (North Greene)
Honorable Mention: Thomas Hardin (Unaka)
Hitter of the Year: Luke Willoughby (University High)
Honorable Mention: Zane Britton (North Greene)
Coach of the Year: Tim Lady (North Greene)
Honorable Mention: Matt Hardin (Hampton)

Tyler Bailey (North Greene)
Troy Hall (North Greene)
Thomas Hardin (Unaka)
Justin Casteel (South Greene)
Closer- Jeffery Hughis (Hampton)

Nick Sewell (University High)
Dallas Clawson (Hampton)
Eli Rasnick (Unaka)
Zak Potter (North Greene)
Logan Tweed (South Greene)

Luke Willoughby (University High)
Daniel Lowery (South Greene)
Zane Britton (North Greene)

Subs: Will West (North Greene), Curtis Hitechew (Cloudland), David Finney (Hampton)


1-A Softball

Player of the Year: Tanner Horton (University High)
Honorable Mention: Talley Bailey (North Greene)
Hitter of the Year: Barrett Wherry (University High)
Honorable Mention: Kendall Mull (Cloudland)
Coach of the Year: Keith Jeffers (University High)
Honorable Mention: Renee Light (North Greene)

Tanner Horton (University High)
Talley Bailey (North Greene)

Taylor Treadway (University High)
Ashton Wykle (South Greene)
Mendy McNeese (North Greene)
Kendall Mull (Cloudland)
Sara Hardin (Unaka)

Taylor Treadway (University High)
Maggie Burchett (Hampton)
Macy McNeese (North Greene)

Subs: Ari Ramsaran (University High), Jessie Matheson (Unaka), Shayna Harmon (North Greene)


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