Milligan College Cheer and Dance Teams compete in Myrtle Beach



The Milligan College Cheer and Dance teams participated in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) and the National Dance Alliance (NDA) camp August 9-11 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This was the first time that either cheer or dance team had participated with NCA and NDA, and it was the cheer team’s first time to an away camp.

Both teams excelled in their respected competitions, earning multiple awards and recognition. Cheer brought home three superior ribbons, the Spirit Stick, a bid to nationals, and came in second place in the collegiate rally routine. Dance brought home two excellent ribbons, one superior ribbon, the Spirt Stick, a bid to nationals, and first place in the collegiate best team dance.

Grayson Fleming was awarded NDA All-American, and Beth Hickman earned the opportunity to perform with the NDA staff.

Milligan College Head Coach Chelsea Woodacre said that the camp was a rewarding experience for the entire spirit program. “It opened us up to a new style of cheer and dance and it gave us the opportunity to see what other teams and mascots are doing around the country.”

Brutus attended the event as well and was able to learn some more skills along with the two teams. Since it was the teams’ first time attending the event, they were faced with challenges mentally and physically but were able to work through it and finish the event as award winners.

Woodacre says that this opportunity allowed the two teams to develop new routines and skills to show the fans this upcoming season, “I am looking forward to watching the spirit program continue to excel.”


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