Morning Report: TSSAA hits the pause button (kind of)

Carter County Sports

Thursday was supposed to be a day that would send shockwaves in high school athletics from Roan Mountain to Memphis. However, a quick vote and a pause kept that from happening (kind of).
What we do know is that the TSSAA voted against the complete public/private split by a vote of 5-4. However, the legislative council did approve a motion to hear potential bylaw changes to create an equal play scenario. Those proposals would be heard in a mid-September meeting.

Depending on what side of the public/private debate you are on, the vote proved to be the correct way. Changes could still come as soon as September, but it won’t be the complete split that many wanted. The options, that could have been voted on on Thursday before the vote that allowed the TSSAA staff more time, ranged from simple to head scratching. (Check out three of the potential options and the effect on Carter County Sports teams here.)

At the end of the day, we know a bit more about what is going to happen, kind of.

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