Problems on the Creek with Unaka football?



This afternoon, has received inquires on the status of the Unaka football team.

Sources close to the situation have indicated that the Rangers have had limited numbers of players in practice – to the point of having to cancel practice multiple days this week. Friday’s scrimmage against Hampton has also been cancelled.

“We will play football,” Unaka Athletic Director Aaron Dugger said. “We don’t have 45 out, but we have more than 11. We are around normal kids that we have this time a year for a small school – a lot are sophomores and freshman – but we will pick some up when school starts back like we always do.”

The situation, according to sources, is so dire if numbers do not improve that the 2016 season could be in jeopardy. While it is not written in stone, it is expected a decision on the 2016 season could come as soon as Friday.

If the Rangers are unable to field a team, the current players should be eligible to play on a team within the county. Unaka students who are interested in playing are asked to be at Thursday practice at 5:30 p.m.

Be sure to check back for more on this potential breaking story. Story updated at Wednesday 8:46 p.m. to include quote from Aaron Dugger.


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