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“So far away from knowing where I am going, I am trying hard to find out who I am
They all say that I don’t know what I am doing, I say they don’t hardly understand

Why can’t they remember, What I’ll never forget
How these dreams can come undone, When you’re young”
-When You’re Young, 3 Doors Down

Normally, a song from 3 Doors Down shouldn’t relate to the sports world, especially this one. However, this isn’t a normal time of year for those involved in sports on the high school level. The opening verses of this song fits a lot of what is going on behind the scenes at Carter County Sports, the student-athletes who are wrapping up their seasons and those about to graduate and embark on a bigger journey.

For us here at Carter County Sports, we have a good idea of where we want to take the site, but there are still moments where well we don’t know exactly where we are going. In the first two weeks of being live, it has been an enjoyable ride that has saw our readership grow pretty quickly (a huge THANK YOU for that).

As the song says, we have had some who have questioned our sanity and said we don’t know what we are doing. Our goal is to prove those doubters wrong. We know exactly what we signed up for, and we are thrilled to see everything coming together brick-by-brick as Butch Jones would say.

We know how easily dreams can be crushed especially with doubters. However, we aren’t going to let that happen here at Carter County Sports.

For those student-athletes who are wrapping up the season, don’t stop dreaming of what next season can bring. Be sure to continue to work hard, and you will reap the benefits. These are the times you won’t forget, and we challenge you to enjoy every minute of it.

Finally, you high school graduates (and even college graduates) – this is for you. As you hear Pomp and Circumstance, look around and take it all in. You WILL never forget your graduation.

You may think you have your life mapped out, and hopefully it is everything you want it to be. With hard work, dedication and a solid faith, you can achieve your dreams.

As 3 Doors Down sings in this song, you may have those who doubt you. Simply, tune them out and set out to prove them wrong because some just don’t understand. Life is going to be an adventure, but you CAN do it (how many of you read it like the guy off the Waterboy?)

My advice, and I know everyone is offering you advice these days, is simple. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every day to the final minute, never give up and don’t be afraid to work hard.

Congratulations and God Bless to the Class of 2014!


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