Rapid Thoughts on Tennessee-Florida



To say Saturday was a disappointment for Tennessee is an understatement. The Vols led for over three quarters and looked poised to win their first game over the Gators in 10 years. However, that was for naught. We take a look at our thoughts from Saturday.

-The play of freshmen Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Todd Kelly Jr. is been huge for the Vols. Reeves-Maybin recorded seven unassisted tackles and helped two more in addition to nabbing an interception, while Kelly Jr. grabbed another interception and along with an unassisted tackle. The improvement of the Tennessee defense has been a surprise this season, and this duo has helped the Vols defense across the board.

-Speaking of the Tennessee defense, the Vols only allowed 232 offensive yards on Saturday. Tennessee’s defense, frankly, played well enough to win, but the Vols couldn’t get the offense rolling. The Vols held Florida to 76 passing yards in the game.

-Aaron Medley handled the pressure well for a true freshman. Medley went 3-for-3 to provide the only points the Vols recorded in the game.

-On the offensive side of the ball, things didn’t go Tennessee’s way. The Vols only recorded 28 yards on 29 attempts, while throwing for 205 yards. The disfunction of the offense, however, showed up most in the redzone it seemed as four trips inside the 20 only amounted three field goals. If Tennessee hopes to come out on the winning side later in the season, they must get the offense on all cylinders.


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