The Story of 2015-16

Carter County Sports

The 1960 Hampton Bulldogs wrote their story.

The 2004 Unaka Rangers wrote their story as well, and so did the 2014 Lady Cyclones.

Now, who will write this year’s most memorable story?

For decades, Carter County athletes have written their story – their journey for greatness. The big wins, the titles and the honors don’t just happen. They are a result of hard work, dedication and a thirst to get better.

That is where stories begin and the greatest chapters come as a result of the early chapters – the chapters that many don’t see.

As we get ready to watch the county athletes write their stories once again, we are excited to bring you the coverage of the student-athletes, the high schools and teams that represent the county so well.

If you haven’t noticed, we adjusted our theme from last season as we want to feature the stories that make sports so much fun especially when the communities back the athletes like we see every year.

Simply, we want to cover the stories by letting them write their own story.

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