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As one of the contributors for CarterCountySports.com, I’d like to speak on behalf of the staff that we appreciate all the support gathered from the community, especially in the past two months.

If someone would have said both social media sites would be nearing the 1,000 followers/likes mark, I’d think they were crazy. And checking the numbers of views for our site – it is ridiculous (in a great way, of course).

Our goal from the start has been providing on online avenue to produce news from the area, whether it is with articles, photos, videos, audio … the list goes on and on.

It is about setting an example. We want to show that sports journalism in our area is alive and well and can be fully cooperative with other media outlets.

If a story breaks and we missed the early alert, we will credit the source with information. If scores and updates are needed, we supply. At the end of the day, we’re in the business of creating memories and moments. We’ve just been blessed to have members of the staff schooled in the article of print and digital journalism. We’re here to serve the community.

That goes for any information through the pipeline. Whether it comes from the middle school or junior athletics – we’re in the business of running the information.

Scores, news and information members of the community want to supply, you can contact us by email at [email protected], shoot a message at our Facebook page or even contact us on Twitter.

It may seem like our broken record, but our success comes from you. And we appreciate all the support that has came down the pipeline.


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